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Oh no. She's at it again.

So, once upon a time, many moons ago, I used to write a dating blog. It was filled with the many catastrophes of my dating ineptitude (and, let's be honest, the inadequacies and inappropriateness of my dates) and in order to avoid any of my poor victims accidentally catching wind of my rather too candid review of our dates together, access was restricted to a private audience of friends, and in time, friends of friends. I wrote to amuse, to help myself remember how I felt in the aftermath of a date, to download after my dates, to avoid spending all of my time when I met with my friends talking about my latest dating disasters on loop, and to feel a bit less like I was the only person in the world with a vested interest in me finding The One (or any one, to be frank!). I'd rather callously rank each date out of 10 (don't hate me - it's what my audience wanted). I'd make note of what they wore, what I wore (largely so I didn't repeat a dating outfit with the same guy two dates in a row - it was a packed schedule and at times I didn't give it my full concentration), first impressions, the date in general, how it was left at the end of the date (in particular whether there was a kiss), a summary and whether I'd be up for another date. As a format, I like to think it worked.

Very little of those things though, translate easily to a parenting blog! I fear ranking my twins out of 10 might lead to at best: guilt on my part and unhealthy competition between the boys, and at worst: mental scarring of all concerned parties. More often than not I'm too busy to keep track of what the boys are wearing or how many outfit changes they have in a day. I daren't report on here what I'm wearing, because to be brutally truthful, often it is the same several days (or weeks) in a row (underwear excepted). It strikes me that I have the choice of a sort of 'Sex & The City' approach of commentary surrounding an issue that's arisen during my days, or a Bridget Jones approach (Nappies changed: 35, Breach Nappies: 3 before 9am, Weight: daren't look on account of the number of chocolate hobnobs consumed). For now, I'm going to chew it over, but please do pitch in with any ideas that you think might be fun!

I hope this blog will make you laugh. I hope it will teach you something you didn't know. I hope it will make the world a better place. I hope it will convey the rollercoaster of parenthood. I hope, above all, it'll make me a millionaire. But until then, I just hope it'll be good fun for me and you!

Thanks for joining me!

Gratuitous cute-baby picture (of my little angels)

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Membro desconhecido
07 de abr. de 2019

That is NOT a thing!


07 de abr. de 2019

Excellent start, great material for grandmother of the groom speech 🤣

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