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  • What are you selling?
    Hoodies for breastfeeding mums with a fun un-mumsy design, that have the added benefit of being designed to suit mums who are tandem breastfeeding. Whether you're nursing twins, one baby, or children of different ages, our hoodies aim to help you to breastfeed comfortably.
  • Are they only for twin mums or tandem breastfeeding mums?
    Absolutely not! Hopefully many mums will like the designs and enjoy the chance to wear something that isn't stripes, colour blocks, spots or flowers!
  • What's so good about Supersprogs?
    We have a heart: We give 5% of our profits to Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK Ltd, to support all the fine work they do educating people about breastfeeding and how best to support breastfeeding. We're good for the planet: Our hoodies are made with 100% organic cotton, we produce in Europe and we minimise our use of plastics as much as possible. We're good for people: The factory that makes our hoodies is in the EU so the hands that made your clothes are not child labourers or paid unfairly. Not to mention that having clothes that make mums feel good is good for mums, dads, children and grandparents alike!
  • What if I have more questions?
    Feel free to email me at with any other questions. I'm a working mum with twins to look after, so please bear with me if my replies are a little on the slow side, but I will try my very best to reply swiftly.
  • What personal data do you collect from me?
    Please take a look at our Privacy Policy
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